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At Solwis Consulting, we can grow your office through equipping and training you, and your staff to reach the results that your office is capable of. Chiropractic makes a difference in your community already, and we are here to assist you in reaching more patients through first of all, having a strong understanding why your office is in your community. Then once this understanding is clear, then your potential as an office to impact your town can be reached. Dr. Gregory Komeshak has had the understanding for his place in Chiropractic since he was in Chiropractic school. During this time, he was tasked with growing a struggling business to over 100 healthy patient visits per week, while he was still in school! This led to opening other clinics in different parts of the country after graduating, then he decided to dedicate himself to equipping other Dr's to reach their potential!


If you are a new graduate, all the way to a Dr. that is on the verge of quitting the profession, we may be able to help.


Typical problems that we solve are: Lack of New Patients, Retention, and Financial. In fact, inquire about our Buy your office program.


We find your Biggest problem, then take action on it, then evaluate the results monthly. We have web based, in office, and Seminar Based Training. To Get Started, Call 618-310-4309 and we can send you out a free practice evaluation. 

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At the age of 15, I was introduced to Chiropractic care after a sports injury. This passion grew into becoming a Dr. of Chiropractic. After graduation, I thought I had all the tools to be able to reach my town with the message of Chiropractic. However, I was running into numerous road blocks, things I had no idea what to do about. So, I found out what to do by seeking people who have had the type of results I wanted to have so I could reach my Town with a message of Hope and Healing that they needed. Soon after this insight, my practice grew very fast, and I ended up being able to open other offices in 2 other states, personally mentor over 30 Dr's of Chiropractic, and really seek my purpose. From the last 18 years of experience of being able to do this, I may be able to help you as well. Simply call 618-310-4309 and we will be able to see if we can work to make your office reach its potential, as well as your life!

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